Friday, 31 August 2007

Going about my business

Welcome back true believers!

After my endevours regarding daytime tv and a day off work I had to take a break from the wild, swinging day to day lonliness that a holiday off work brings. So I went back to work on my trusty Claude Butler bicycle. I do love it. I won't bore you with the details of my incredibly important job. However let's just say youtube is better than Friends Reunited. You can't be harrased by twats from the office building opposite saying things like: "were you that kid in geography that used to shit his pants? We should meet up sometime!". This is not what I need when I'm enjoying murky water (coffee) and sitting with my pipe "concentrating" (working). Therfore Youtube wins by default as I can listen to Bonnie Prince Billie: Agnes queen of sorrow, and then watch a cat playing chopsticks on a piano. Not that I'm advertising http//

One particularly bizarre evening last week I returned home from work on my Claude Butler and decided to purchase some chocolate digestives and some cider from Lidl. This is where the normality comes shuddering to a stop. I encountered a local legend on the cider circuit and he educated me on how he relaxes of a tuesday evening: He drinks just the right amount of cheap cider, and it takes him to a world of wonder and colour punctuated by kids on motorbikes in hoodies. He shrinks to the size of an ant and grabs on to the wing of a bee, and drifts along the air like a murmur, into a flower, down the stem of the flower and back into the wines section of Lidl. It's quite a journey. If he drinks the wrong amount of cheap cider he just pukes beef and tomato pot noodle all over his shoes.

Disturbed by the psychadelic heights and depths that cider drinking can take you to, I drank earl grey whilst listening to The Late Junction.

Check back sometime next week when I'll be doing some more fun things.

This week Connellsdad has been listening to: Richard Thompson: Hit me baby

Connellsdad's colour of the week is: That yellow-y colour your piss goes when you haven't drank enough water.


yankeebaby said...

WOW you live in England. Thats soo cool.

yankeebaby said...

umm hey what did you mean "sarcasm MUch"? on my blog i don't get it.

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