Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The rumour mill

Hello it's been a while my friends.

I have had a turbulent few weeks. Please please please could someone put a stop to the rumours that I am responsible for the removal of underwear from the washing lines in the Exeter estate. Was that you Connell? you little nob. I happen to know the man who is responsible and he's not a nice chappy. He drinks at the candle incidently...

Yesterday was a fullfilling day. I worked out Love will tear us apart with my son and we should be hitting the festival circuit shortly. Keep an eye out for the Big Session in De Montfort. I then walked the dog round the back of lidl and then I had a cup of tea.

Got home and drank cider whilst listening to radio 3.

check back soon when I'll be doing more exciting things.

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